Ginger soy-glazed salmon with broccoli rabe & soba noodles

Yes I’m getting fancy here haha
A friend sent me a free box to try from Blue Apron, and I received it today .


Blue Apron is a weekly service that send a you all the ingredients you need to make 3 meals for the week, all measured and packaged along with a recipe and directions on how to make your dish. You choose what you like chicken , vegetarian, pork , beef, fish, shellfish. If you won’t be around or don’t like what is on the menu you can skip that week.
It comes in a box with insulated liners and big gel packs to keep the food fresh and cold in case you are not home when it is delivered.
A serving is about 500-700 calories. No fancy cooking tools needed, and will he done in about 40 minutes.

I love it because you try new dishes that you probably wouldn’t think of making. The other good thing is all the food is already measured. All you do is chop, grate ,dice, cook, eat.

They say of you have fish it’s best to make those first so I made the
Ginger soy glazed salmon with broccoli rabe and soba noodles
Serving size 2 -625 calories per serving

It was fantastic!
I’ve never had soba noodles and I don’t really cook with broccoli rave.
I’ve had black bean garlic sauce but never cooked with it.


The only thing I didn’t add was the sriracha .




I have 2 more meals, a chicken dish and vegetarian. Will share those soon 🙂


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