Spring/summer prep: BabyFoot

With sandal wearing weather coming soon, I need my feet to look good.

I’ve been trying to go get a pedicure but something always comes up.

I was reading an article on pop sugar last week, which lead me to another article about a beauty treatment for softer better looking feet. It was Baby Foot

Seeing the photos of the exfoliation process was gross yet fascinating.
So I headed to amazon to check it out and bought a pair. ( with money from crowdtap winnings) They were $20

You put on these awesome plastic booties that have a gel with 17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin skin and dissolve the fibers that are between those layers.
Fun fact:: you can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on the bottoms of your feet.

In didn’t pay attention to sizes I got a medium and my size 11 feet just fit. It was citrus scented. They give tape for the extra plastic at the top of and secure the booties on your feet.
You sit there 30 minutes to an hour and let the formula do its job. I watched tv.
You then take the booties off and rinse your feet off.

(It is a Tokyo based brand, if you buy at a store or the U.S. site it will all be in English)

The peeling happens 2-7 days but can take up to 2 weeks.
They say not put lotion on your feet until the peeling process is done.

Tips I didnt read because in was too eager to try them:
Use after a shower and put socks over booties , your skin is softened and can penetrate better

My feet werent bad to begin with but could use a little reset.
Monday night : used baby foot
Tuesday: feet a bit itchy but not bothersome
Wednesday : itchy , little dry especially on heels, big toe
Thursday night: peeling on big toes
Friday : in shower I noticed the bottoms of my feet looking like when you have a sunburn (peeling wise). You shouldn’t scrub the dead , peeling skin off because the friction. I gently rubbed with my thumbs on the bottoms of my feet and so much skin came off…. like a lot .
I wasn’t going to share a photo of this process because for one I don’t like feet and my feet and dead skin peeling off doesn’t look so attractive. Thought it would be good to share since the site sometimes shows the crazy photos. Here is what my feet looked like after the shower , even after gently rubbing a lot off.

Saturday/ Sunday: little itchy , skin still peeling. Mostly bottoms of feet has peeled off. Arches of feet have dry/dead skin. Starting to peel on sides of feet.

Monday: can see a line all around the sides of my foot, notice some peeling on tops of feet by toes and between my toes. Bottoms of feet mostly done and feels soft and ‘refreshed’

««« So what did I think? »»»

Even though I’m still peeling , I thought I could give my opinion about this product. At first I thought I wasted $20 but then bam it started working. The bottoms of my feet look cleaner,feel softer and smoother. It did exactly what it said it would.
I think now (Spring time) is the best time to use it. You are still wearing closed toe shoes so no one will see the peeling and when that really nice sandal or open toe shoe day comes your feet will be ready to see the sunshine!
The peeling process reminded me off sunburn , itchy because your skin is dry and peeling but no pain. Plus you get a nice result at the end.
Two thumbs up!!!
Would definitely recommend this product.Next time ill make sure to soak my feet or take a shower before in do it. Still had great results so far.


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