Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer Review


I received a travel size to try out from PinchMe.
I’m always up to try new beauty products, so was happy to receive this. It came at a good time because I was almost out of my regular moisturizer.
I’ve been pretty loyal to Aveeno for my moisturizer for the past few years so wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one.

First off you notice the cucumber and mango scent while applying it. I enjoyed putting it on in the morning because of the smell , it was refreshing and gave me a burst of energy. There is no alcohol so no drying your skin out.
It is also water based and doesn’t clog your pores.

As you apply to your face you can feel how light weight the gel is.the moisturizer also absorbs quick and nicely into the skin,which is always a plus.

It leaves your skin so smooth, soft, and moisturizer. I wish I had a bigger tube.
I’m actually going to go get some this weekend. The price is budget friendly too compared to others , depending where you go $5-$8.

Definitely would recommend Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

FREE $20 credit + free shipping +15% off = possible free clothes from Twice

Twice is a shopping site for new and gently used clothing ( tops, dresses, skirts, pants , etc) They have different brands like Banana Republic, BCBG, J Crew, Ann Taylor , Theory , Max studio and many more

I ended up getting this Pins and Needles by Urban Outfitters dress and have $1.44 left over.

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Since it was free I did not have to enter any credit card info.

What did you get ?

You can also sell your unwanted clothes and earn money on this site too.

* Normal shipping is $5 flat for 2 day priority mail, or free shipping over $49.
Also 30 day refunds

Yoplait Greek Yogurt #tasteoff challenge

Yoplait sent me a gift card to buy Greek yogurt for this challenge. I love Greek yogurt and am always up to try new brands. I must say I’ve been pretty loyal to Chobani, it was the first Greek yogurt I tried and stuck with it. With greek yogurt becoming more popular there are now more options . Which is great because it’s so yummy and healthy. It’s so great to have for breakfast , dessert , or snack. I do have a few brands I like and alternate depending the sales that week.


In my directions was told to buy blueberry yogurt for Yoplait and Chobani. 20140306-160533.jpg 20140306-160541.jpg

As you can see they are different. The blueberry Yoplait is already blended together. Chobani has the fruit at the bottom.


I stirred both of them up. I like that Yoplait has chunks of blueberry, where Chobani blueberry is more like  jelly and blended.


So what was the result…. the winner is Yoplait Greek yogurt. 20140306-160607.jpg

I do like the tart taste of  chobani Greek yogurt but the blended blueberry yogurt from Yoplait was really good. I liked the chunks of blueberries in it, and tasted the blueberry throughout. Have you taken the challenge ? What are your favorite Greek yogurt brands ?

See what others are saying and get a coupon here

Even though Yoplait was the winner in this challenge, I will still alternate between other brands like Chobani , Fage, Muller , Oikos.

Mail call

Some freebies I have received.

Received this kitchen kit from Perdue crew . You sign up share coupons , recipes and you can get rewards like this one 🙂 just logged in their site and new rewards are coming.


Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Deep Cleaning Masque Got this full sized sample from their facebook page, can’t wait to try it. Look for a review soon. 20140306-151245.jpg

I received extra perks from Klout & Ricola. Extra bag of each cough drops, plus a tin to put them in. Love the tin, I hate when I find a melted cough drop at the bottom of my purse .


Subway had this on their website, $10 gift card.


Truvia 2 packs of sweetener and a $2 coupon Free 6oz can of blue diamond almonds from their facebook page.