Mail call – March 13th

The other day I posted about how to get an item of clothing for FREE from Twice
. I ended up choosing a blue dress and it came.. Yay ( fast shipping is always good)



Can’t wait for the weather to warm up. It’s really soft and comfortable.

1: Get a $10 credit signing up here
2 : Download their iOS app for another $10 credit
3 : Like them on Facebook for 15% off

I don’t know if they have a free shipping code, I’m sure they will post on their Facebook page when they do. So keep your eyes peeled.

Next I bought a case for my kindle on eBay ( used $ I got from doing surveys)
When I first found this one there were 2 people selling them and both were out of stock. Then I happened to check and it was there yay. It also came with a stylus pen and screen protector for $13.

I have mentioned surveying the past, I used money in my paypal account to buy this click the photo or here to sign up


I played a game on Facebook and won a free bag of harvest snaps
I also received a screen protector for my iphone


Clear scalp & hair shampoo from pinch me let me know of you want an invite


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