Yoplait Greek Yogurt #tasteoff challenge

Yoplait sent me a gift card to buy Greek yogurt for this challenge. I love Greek yogurt and am always up to try new brands. I must say I’ve been pretty loyal to Chobani, it was the first Greek yogurt I tried and stuck with it. With greek yogurt becoming more popular there are now more options . Which is great because it’s so yummy and healthy. It’s so great to have for breakfast , dessert , or snack. I do have a few brands I like and alternate depending the sales that week.


In my directions was told to buy blueberry yogurt for Yoplait and Chobani. 20140306-160533.jpg 20140306-160541.jpg

As you can see they are different. The blueberry Yoplait is already blended together. Chobani has the fruit at the bottom.


I stirred both of them up. I like that Yoplait has chunks of blueberry, where Chobani blueberry is more like  jelly and blended.


So what was the result…. the winner is Yoplait Greek yogurt. 20140306-160607.jpg

I do like the tart taste of  chobani Greek yogurt but the blended blueberry yogurt from Yoplait was really good. I liked the chunks of blueberries in it, and tasted the blueberry throughout. Have you taken the challenge ? What are your favorite Greek yogurt brands ?

See what others are saying and get a coupon here

Even though Yoplait was the winner in this challenge, I will still alternate between other brands like Chobani , Fage, Muller , Oikos.

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