My first Black Friday Sale

So I had nothing going on . No where to be, which wasn’t a bad thing. It was nice to not feel obligated to go somewhere & not feel stressed making something to bring.

There were a few places that were having good deals so I was like why not?

Old Navy 50% off everything. Doors opened at 7pm. Arrived at 6:45 ish. There was already a lined formed, not too many people in front maybe 50? I started from the front and work my way around the whole store, didn’t see anything. There was 2 tops but none in my size but not from the sale they seemed to be on sale before this sale. I was out in 15 minutes.

Next stores opened at 8pm. I’ve been eying these Steve Madden black boots . When I went last week they were on sale for $109.98. I didn’t think they would be there because they were size 11 and when that size goes, that’s it. To my surprise they were still there & $10 cheaper! No other deals for these boots but happy to have them. ( they are about $130 online) Still need to find a taller, tighter fitting boot that can be casual but can also be worn with dresses. I miss my old ones! Probably in there 10 minutes , mainly seeing if there were other shoes. Once the gate opened I ran to the section hoping to see my size still there 🙂


Next was to Macy’s. Since a lot of my stuff is in my now gross storage unit locked away until we settle in court, I needed a blender. I miss making smoothies and I do not like the 5-10lbs Ive gained since I’ve stopped drinking them lol. They had a doorbuster deal for a Cuisinart blender for $39.99 ( originally $119.99). I also wanted to go grab one because one of the survey sites I do , I redeemed a $25 Macy’s gift card. So I paid $17.53 with tax 🙂


On the way to the exit I stopped to check out Express since everything was 50% off and on the survey site I got the Macy’s Gift card I had enough to redeem a $25 or $50 Express gift card. Didn’t see anything I needed, though there were some cute dresses. I then returned home to drop off the boxes and relax before heading back  at 11:30 pm or so to check out Forever 21 & H&M. I didn’t see anything I loved that much to try on or wait in the long line for lol. Will go back when its a bit calmer ( plus I have a $12 H&M from the Wrapp app -YAY)

I check out some other stores on the way back to the exit but nothing that I needed that minute.

I’d say my Black Friday was easy, not stressful, & fast.

Most likely because I wasn’t getting tvs, gaming systems, electronics or boots in Macy’ 🙂


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