Easy white chicken chili/soup

Depending on how much liquid you put in this it can be either chili or soup.


Click photo to bring you to recipe.

Mine didn’t come out so picture worthy so I didn’t take a photo but this dish was delicious.

Here were my changes


A couple of months ago I tried avocado verde from Wholly Guacamole- so yummy.

So I used the Avocado Verde instead of the Salsa Verde the recipe calls for.

I added juice of one lime

I added more water to make it more of a soup.

Has anyone used Better than Bouillon before? This stuff is great. I made chicken & barley soup last Thursday and used this for the first time. So much flavor. I will be buying this for now on to use in soups and other dishes.

I haven’t used cumin in awhile, I made something before and made me dislike the taste, so I didn’t add it to this dish.

What are you quick meals using rotisserie chicken? Can’t beat $5 for a cooked flavorful whole chicken.


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