Crowdtap Sample & Share ~> Puma

PUMA Mobium Athletic Shoes and ACTV Apparel Sampling

I was super excited when I saw this sample & share pop up on my dashboard. I applied quickly because I didn’t want to miss out. A few hours later I received and email saying I was accepted YIPPIE!

My box finally came this is what I received


Instead of a long sleeve top I received a training tee and ended up getting a jacket which we weren’t supposed to get. ( woohoo)

Was needing a work out jacket too.

Pure NightCat Running Reflective Jacket  Retails: $100

puma jacket

This jacket keeps you safe & warm while able to move around while you are running.

At first glance , I wasn’t sure if I would like it. It has a square pattern and the wasn’t sure about the material. Once I tried it on though it grew on me.

Love that it has reflective material so when you are running at night or even in the evening now that it gets dark at 5pm, you can be seen.

When I put it on the first thing I realized was the mesh under the arms, which is great for air circulation.

As I was trying it on I noticed the length & fit of the jacket. I usually wear more fitted tops & jackets. This jacket wasn’t fitted like I normally wear but it still gave me shape, I also liked that it was longer. Being tall sometimes it hard to find jackets that are a bit longer and won’t ride up.

back jacket

Wind resistant- to keep you warm

Pockets : Pockets at waist are deep and have zippers so nothing will fall out. Also a smaller pocket on the chest & 2 pockets on the inside.

On the tag is also says it is water resistant.

Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Endurance Tights Retail : $100

I received tights in Virtual Pink. At first I was like whoa pink , but a nice switch up from my normal work out clothes.

The first thing you notice looking and putting them on is the design from the athletic tape. The athletic tape makes it a little longer to put on than your normal work out tights. If you roll it up like rights it will be easier to get on.

It also tells you the proper way to put the tights on lining the tape up a certain way, there is a spot where there is no tape where you put your knees.

puma tights1454673_10153463723335251_1170581858_n

Inside tights


So what is the athletic tape about?

It helps reduce muscle vibration during your workout ( no jiggling), supports energy supply, has a moisture management supply, & graduated compression.

The placement of the athletic tape micro- massages the skin via strategic compression in the right place at the right time  which helps maximize your work out and energy supply ( get blood to you muscles faster= better workout) .This also helps you recover faster from your workouts.

These compression tights also won a ISPO Award.

On the package it mentions powerCELL- which is next to the skin layers are designed to work with your body’s natural systems to help enhance and maximize your performance during & after exercise ( the tape helps mimic your muscles)

V Neck Training Tee Retail $25

Not much I can say about this one.

I wasn’t really feeling this top because of the color I received ( Limeade/White), the fit was off for me, & I prefer wearing sports bras or fitted tanks w/bra. I also don’t like wearing tees because I don’t like my armpits being covered.

Mobium Elite Glow Women’s Running Shoes Retail $110 Color: fluo peach

I’ve been wanting a colored running shoe so was happy to receive these ( though the hawaiian ocean or fluo purple are more my colors, I can still rock this peach) I liked the fit of it, sort of contoured to your shape.

“New category of shoe: Adaptive running” When you move your feet naturally change length, height, & proportion, so does Mobium. It contracts & expands and adapts to your foot as you run, sort of like a cats paws.

You will notice on the bottom of the shoe there are bungee like bands. Its inspired by the tendons ; the more force applied, the more spring it returns.

Also mesh in the front for air flow.


Then you will notice the design of pads on the bottom ; they proved the cushioning and flexibility.

Next the high arch which moves with your natural movement.

This shoe also is reflective “glow” at night .

Check out this youtube video about the shoe > The Development of Mobium


As you can see I wasn’t wearing the tee but overall if you are looking for some workout gear I would recommend

the jacket : its comfortable, keeps you warm, & keeps you safe

The shoes: comfortable, feels nice when you run

The tights: I like the compression aspect of them, they are comfortable, and sort of make you feel confident ( even in the vibrant pink)


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