Oatmeal Pancakes

Be prepared for more oatmeal breakfast recipes that I will be posting soon.

Asked my friend to get me steel cut or old fashion oatmeal to make different overnight oats but got instant. So I wanted to see what could I make , besides the obvious.

I had a individual pack of peach oatmeal so I used that then sprinkled some plain instant oatmeal.

Will try to do more variations of these oatmeal pancakes. ( so many possibilities)

I used:

1 pack of peach instant oatmeal + some instant oatmeal ( maybe 1/2 cup combined?)

1 egg

pomegranate seeds

mix together, you want to get a nice consistency not too watery but not too dry.

olive oil for pan

takes a few minutes each side.


Do you have any different ways to incorporate oatmeal into dishes?

I love making oatmeal chocolate chip cherry cookies ( or cranberry , blueberry)

I have put it in smoothies before.

How do you like your oatmeal?




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