Klout perk : Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food

It was a good freebie day!

I received a box with some goodies for my furry children.

Science Diet– Grain Free 2lb bag of cat food ( value $12.59)

2 Crunchy Creations Treats chicken & salmon ($2.99 each)

$2 coupon

Plus a little did you know guide



I got it a little late, was for Halloween #HalloweenWithHills So they sent me some decals to carve pumpkins and also a little background with orange Fall leaves & a pumpkin to take pictures of your cat in front of. ( see below)

It was cute , and thought it was decent sized until I put my big cats in front of it haha


D-O-G being is suave self. He is one smart cat, of course he had to be right there when I was opening the box to see what was in it & if whatever was in the box wasn’t interesting he would still have the box to play with.

He could smell the food & the treats right away even though they weren’t even open!


Gizmo , a little mad I kept laying him down trying to take his picture. Hes camera shy sometimes.

I put a treat before I took this photo so Lexi would stay in place.

It was hard to take photos because the background was made of thick poster board and with one flap of tail it would fall over , so I had to be quick.

Of course D-O-G would jump up in Gizmo & Lexi’s shots trying to investigate and try to steal their treats.


D-O-G loved the treats!

Gizmo is quite picky & didn’t like the salmon flavor but liked the chicken.


Collage of all three


Next the food, I just wanted to see who liked it so I only put some in one of their bowls. As you can see from the middle photo they loved it, even Gizmo they picky eater.

I usually feed the Purina, which is half the cost of this brand. I just got it so I can’t tell if is better than what they normally eat but the reviews are all 4/5 stars so that has to say something.

*I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own ( and my cats)


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