Halloween nail art ( part 2 )

Halloween Nail Art Part 1

I use tools everyone probably has around the house.

Bobby pin, a pen that no longer has ink, a pin with a round top

For the splatter , this one was a tad messy. I ended up using a throw away mascara comb thing and blew on it and also tapped it on my nail. I also read if you have a straw you dip it in the nail polish then blow on your nail. Make sure you put a piece of paper/newspaper when doing splatter.

Zombie Nails : Inspired by Cutepolish ( hers are way better, the fake nails added a great effect)

20131010-001402.jpgBlood Splatter

Milani ( no color name more of a pearly white)

Rimmel London Speed Dating


Halloween Nails also inspired by cutepolish

Frankenstein, Ghost, Peeking Eyes, Dripping Blood, Witch Belt

Rimmel London Black Satin

NYC High Line Green

(White) Wet ‘n’ Wild


Made my own lavender


I liked ho he turned out! 🙂


I found these via pinterest:

Jason mask, vampire/scary mouth, crossbones

Rimmel London Speed Dating


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