Quesadillas in the microwave – easy meal

I forgot to upload this when I made it. Staying in a hotel with only a microwave and trying to figure out things to make that aren’t hot pockets.
I myself never owned a microwave so what to make ?

Can of chicken
Cheddar cheese
Green pepper ( cut into strips)
Black beans

Tip: If at hotel/college/ or don’t have a can opener , make sure you get cans that you can pull the tops off.

I heated up black beans & pepper before hand.
Depending on microwave keep an eye on it.
I added cheese placed in microwave for 15- 20 seconds until cheese started to melt. I then added black beans , chicken , peppers. Placed in microwave for another 15 seconds then folded the wrap over and gave it another 10 seconds . Play around with times .
Add avocado or top off with some salsa.



Also made a vine video here > Easy Quesadillas

Cutting with a plastic knife sucks – I bought the green plate for a dollar at Dollar Tree


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