Cottonelle Clean Crew- Crowdtap

Thanks to Crowdtap & Cottonelle I was selected to receive free toilet paper and flushable wipes for a sample & share.

The cottonelle care routine is out to prove that in order to be fresh and clean the use  of  cloth & water will keep you clean. ( see The Car Wash video below)


My friends were pretty happy to be part of this too. They loved the Cottonelle Care Routine.



I’ve used Cottonelle before and it’s one of my favorite toilet paper brands. I like that it is soft not rough,  leaves you clean, doesn’t fall apart, & you don’t have to use a lot of it to get the job done.


Another good thing is they are septic safe. One of my friends that I gave the 4pk to mentioned she couldn’t take it but I told & showed her they were septic safe. She was happy to hear that.

I was also sent Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable wipes, I was unsure about using them because I’m sensitive to some products that have fragrances but these were great. Didn’t have an overpowering smell, came in a cute box to display in your bathroom, & left me feeling clean and fresh.


I approve


Have you seen their marketing videos for the Cottonelle clean crew? Some of them are pretty funny . Check out this one here > The Car Wash

It makes sense doesn’t it?

You can learn more about the Cottonelle Care Routine by visiting

If you would like a chance to participate and receive free products to try out and share , you can join crowdtap here >

I received these product complimentary of Crowdtap & Cottonelle and give m honest and true opinion. I was not compensated for this review , only in product and the opinion is my own.

6 thoughts on “Cottonelle Clean Crew- Crowdtap

  1. I loved the Cottonelle sample share. My 3 year old nephew now asks to use the wipes everytime he comes over. We will for sure have to buy them from now on since he’ll expect them to be at our house lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I missed out on this but loved all the reviews that I went out and bought some myself!

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