Colgate Optic White Regimen Review


Here I am day one about to try the Optic White Regimen.

Colgate 360 Toothbrush: I love this toothbrush. It really does its job cleaning my teeth along with my gums, cheeks, & tongue. On the back part of the brush it has little “bumps” to clean your cheeks while brushing and to use on your tongue. There are plastic cups within the bristles , which are supposed to hold the toothpaste better and the bristles help polish and of course clean your teeth. It also has a nice handle and grip for control.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste- Minty taste , says white teeth within one week. When I see things like that I always wonder if its true. I want to say I’m on day 3 of using this regimen and I can already see a difference. I can’t wait for the whole week ( or when I’m done with the whole tube/bottle)

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash- So the taste isn’t so great with this one. It tastes like peroxide or the product/gel on teeth whitening strips.

I do like how it foams up and I can see when I spit it out the mouthwash, its still working . Around my teeth in the cracks I see the foam ,sort of reminds me of teeth whitening strips without the strip. I believe that is the idea and I like it. I think thats why I can see results so fast because even though I spit it out, its still penetrating and whitening and cleaning.

I’ve been using the regimen for over a week. I can tell a difference already. Before I received my VoxBox I was looking at my teeth and they didn’t look as white as they normally are so I am glad that Influenster sent me the products for free to review.

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Here I am today 🙂 all smile #BrilliantSmile



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