Lunches & dinners


Cooked a few times on the grill.

Made Chicken Kabobs with Veggies ( not pictured)

And another night we had steak & shrimp on the grill. Then rice, salad & green beans


I’ve been buying Healthy Choice meals for lunch.  Portabella Spinach Parmesan looked and sounded good , and it was! I went back and got another for the next day.


I was non stop eating brownies for 3 days. I was putting chocolate chips ( regular & white) So tasty!


Lunch: Turkey burgers with mozzarella & avocado w/romaine lettuce wrap/bun. The mashed up the rest of the avocado and had so chips and mixed the salsa & mashed avocado = so good


Farm fresh eggs for breakfast!


Forgot the exact name but another Healthy Choice meal for work.  I think it was chicken maranara w/veggies


Ginger Citrus pan grilled chicken w/oranges salad . Came out really good.


Healthy Choice- Chicken Margharita


Sometimes you just need comfort food. Oven baked french fried w/ chili & cheese


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