Review : Morningstar Farms

I believe I have mentioned in the past the I’m a bzzagent. Basically , when you qualify for a certain campaign to try out a new product or service they send it out and all you have to do it follow some simple tasks on their site and tell people what you really think about the product you’re testing out. This time I qualified for MorningStar Farms campaign, they sent a coupon for a free product and coupons to hand out. MorningStar Farms wants us to eat better this year and to go “Meatless on Mondays”. I’ve been trying to eat less meat over the past year so I was excited to taste them. The campaign was mainly for their burgers so I used my free coupon on Grillers Chik’n. There were so many varieties to try and couldn’t decide.



I had these in my freezer was planning on making them for dinner but when my friend Shawn said he as hungry ( so was I) I thought it would be a perfect time to try these burgers. Especially having Shawn try them because he likes to eat meat.  I didn’t have any buns, I normally don’t eat buns anyway so I heated them up in the microwave and steamed some broccoli. I didn’t tell Shawn it wasn’t real chicken until I heard him go MmMmMm. He was surprised and so was I. The Grillers Chik’n was very flavorful  Next time I will get buns for these , I think it will better.  The texture was a little weird when it was plain like I had it but still good ( I ate another one and added it in my rice and veggies for lunch at work. After tasting them, I said I need to try them all!



Next I tried their 3 bean chili with grillers crumbles. I bought this for lunch at work. I didn’t realize it had cumin right on the front of the box, I don’t really care for the spice but I ate it anyway. It wasn’t so bad. The texture and flavors were good ( minus the cumin) The gillers crumbles resembled meat and I couldn’t tell a difference.


Here is another dish I bought for lunch at work. Lasagna & sausage crumbles was really good. I wish I had another piece! It was topped with mozzarella cheese, carrots, kale, onions, red pepper.


Chik’n Nuggets.  I made the nuggets and baked french fries for dinner. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture and I think even if I did they were so good by the time I remembered it would have been too late because they would be in my belly! 🙂 I liked how crispy they got in the oven and the flavor/texture was good. I couldn’t tell it was meatless. I also had 3 of my friends try them and they were like if you didn’t say anything I would have thought it was real meat. I will definitely buy these to have on hand

Overall I’m glad I finally tasted MorningStar Farms products. I still can have nuggets, burgers  without having meat. Its a really good option to go meatless. The flavors are good and it fills me up.  I also like that I don’t have to prep ( Ive made chickpea , black bean and some other meatless burgers in the past)I’ve read and heard that they are expensive but I look at it in a different way. I see it as if I went to the deli or somewhere out for lunch I’d spend at least $10+ on lunch or dinner. When I buy MorningStar farms its at least $4 and they are easy to carry to work & prepare. I can’t wait to try the other burgers, I think I will try the mushroom lovers’ next…or maybe their tomato and basil pizza burgers. Yup I said pizza burger!

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