Savings at CVS & Rite Aid

This week I saved on Nature Made full strength minis Super omega-3 60ct.
They were buy one get one free priced at $16.99.
On the CVS website you could print a $10 coupon then head to coupons an print 2 coupons for $3 off.
So I paid a little over $1 for both.

Then skintimate shaving gel had a deal if you bought 2 you would get $2ecb back.
Last week there was a coupon on for buy one get one free.
Priced at $4.59 I paid about $ 1.59 for both including the extra care bucks I got!



At Rite Aid this week Keri lotion was $5.99 , there was a $5 off coupon in the flier then there was a $2 coupon I also bought. 6 pack of bottled water for .88 so my total came out to $.17!!


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