Movie screening – Argo

I received an awesome perk from Klout & Cadillac #ATS.

To go to a screening for Argo the day before it came out.

I brought my friend, Shawn. When we got to the movie theater we got orange wrist bands, and coupons for a free popcorn and drink for the movie.

We moved upstairs to vip red carpet private area to mingle with other Klouters, drinks ,& hors’ de ouevres which lasted about an hour before the movie.

The cocktails had names that went along with the movie I forgot what the other 2 were but I had The Great Escape which had tequilla, cranberry juice, sour triple sec and some other stuff it was GOOD!

For hors’ de ouevres : mini burgers seemed to be the favorite. They also had brushchetta on zucchini, crab cakes and one or 2 other ones.

Afterwards I brough Sahwn to Rockefeller Center & Times Square because hes never been. In Times Sq. a bunch of people were in costumes , I had to get a picture with Oscar and Cookie Monster.

For the movie, it wasn’t my kind of movie. It was good but I think it was too long. I felt like at some moments you were there in the crowd chanting or back inside scared with the hostages. At then end you were at the edge of you chair to see if they would get away or not.








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