Just some random stuff


Fashions Night out in NYC- Was promoting The RealReal- Im in the back. We walked around in heels for a few hours, I now have 4, yes 4 blisters on one foot OUCH!!



How pretty is the sky and water ?? I had to go to the mini beach and take pictures. I also took a video so I could see the pretty view and hear the waves so when its all snowy and cold I can pretend Im in that moment haha


Spotted this painted on a wall in downtown Bridgeport


Me on the train to Fashions Night Out


I discovered the person I was dog sitting for had a trampoline!


Kisses from the doggie


Has anyone tried this? I had it once as a side for dinner but I know make it for breakfast with egg whites.


Was in the city for a photo shoot on Tuesday. Was such a gorgeous day.

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