BzzAgent: Unreal Candy- Candy Unjunked Review

When I first saw that invitations were being sent to try out Unreal candy , I checked my email immediately. Nothing…oh no ! I thought to myself ” I hope to get one soon, I’m perfect for this. I’m a candy addict!!”

A day or so later they said they sent more out.. I am in… score!!

** A little about  Unreal Candy ::UNREAL’s mantra:  “Unjunk™!”  Corn syrup?  Out.  Partially hydrogenated oils?  Out.  GMOs?  Out.  Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives?  Out. Reduced sugar by over 40% per serving on average? Check

or check here::

Bzzagent sent me coupons one to get a free bar and a couple BOGO coupons to hand to friends.

CVS also was giving out coupons for a free Unreal Candy on their facebook page around the same time I got the bzz kit. I ended up getting 2 ; Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar & Candy Coated Chocolate.

-Unreal8 Chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar which is like a snicker bar but unjunked. It was really yummy,  I liked the richness of the chocolate. I noticed that the chocolate was a bit darker but you, can definitely tell the difference. I would choose this bar over snickers.

Another thing I liked about his product is the packaging. I like the purples, reds, greens & blue against the black. On the back they have easy to read info about calories, protein, fat, sugar, ect. The bar also satisfied me, usually when I eat something like a snickers I could so have another. Which isn’t so healthy.

Here is the Unreal41 Candy Coated Chocolates

As you can see the colors are not what you would expect.  They also tasted different but not in a bad way. I shared with my friend who liked these. I was trying to figure out what they tasted like, and it reminded me of a chocolate bunny that you get around Easter.

I want to try the other 3 especially the peanut butter cups.

I say try them out and see if you can make the switch. They are around the same price as the other candy bars so if you can make a healthier choice, why not ?


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